Chapter 5 Herman L Frick Family

Herman L Frick born Aug. 14,1866 / Isabella Brown born Aug. 31, 1869CHILDREN       note: All born in Union County IL1)  Lela  born 2.27.1888   m CP Morgan2) Jackson Elvis- born  9.2.1889 no marriag…

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“So, what am I a caveman?” Chapter 8

bittle30 Genealogy Research Paper and DNA plus miscellaneous commentary

Neanderthal genes as a results of my testing with 23andMe, comprise 2.7% of my genes. The average European of which I am one, is the same 2.7%, as is the average Japanese user.

Neanderthal Features   ” Heavy ridge eyebrows. Long, low bigger skull.  Prominent nose with developed nasal chambers for cold air protection. “

Modern Humans      ” Higher brow, narrower shoulders, slightly taller…..”

“Genetic evidence found in the Vindija Cave by scientists in Croatia, painstakingly extracted dna from these bones and assembled the Neanderthal genes from them.” My results were then compared to the Neanderthal Genes.

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Chapter Nine …..Union County Illinois Tour

bittle30 Genealogy Research Paper and DNA plus miscellaneous commentary

Joe Frick grew up with all of the Frick’s as they all lived very close on adjoining properties owned originally, perhaps by Jacob Frick, veteran of the Revolutionary War, from North Carolina, and prior to that Buck’s County PA in the 1750’s. Jacob settled in Meisenheimer Precinct in the early 1800’s and was engaged in the business of making wagon wheels, and various other implements and was a Wheelwright by trade. This was west and southwest of Jonesboro, Illinois. 

Joe and I discussed the story that I observed online regarding the Trail of Tears traverse through Union County, Jonesboro Illinois. Seems a Mr. Frick, who owned land on both sides of the road, (Berryville Road), perhaps, near Lockard Chapel Church, would not permit the Cherokee’s to pass through his property, on their way to the Mississippi River and “they had to travel back up the steep hill toward Jonesboro. Now…

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Chapter 16 (continued) The Game of Life (Who? What? Where? When? How?

bittle30 Genealogy Research Paper and DNA plus miscellaneous commentary


Francis Bittle , a head right of Nathaniel Hickman, arrived on the shores of the colonies ca 1653. Francis was the first of our lineage, to emigrate from the British Isles. Most likely coming from the London area, or perhaps having lived in Wales. The given name Francis is consistently used by his descendants. He first located in Northumberland County, VA., which became later Isle of Wight county. His son, Robert left a will in 1681 and it is most interesting to read. The Bittle clan later removed to Southampton County VA, thence to Northampton County NC, where John L Bittle was born in 1806 to John Bittle(1)/Polly Cole. John L Bittle(2) would end up moving to Illinois with his family of 6, where one finds that family in the 1818 Franklin County IL (later Union), census.

Perhaps John Bittle (1) and his family moved to the South Pass…

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Genealogy/Bittle Family

My name is Richard Wayne Bittle and I have been researching the Bittle family genealogy for nearly 45 years.

I have tested DNA with, 23andme, and FTDNA (67 markers).

I will be posting the results in the future at this website effective July, 2016 and thereafter.

Enjoy and please offer your comments and questions.


Richard Wayne Bittle, Marion IL